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How TrüNorth Leads Your Business Forward

At TrüNorth Global™, we didn’t become the leading provider of transportation related warranty programs and services by following someone else’s lead. We did it by listening to you—our hard-working dealer and fleet-owner partners, and independent warranty customers—to deliver the flexible solutions, coveragesand innovative, technology-based services that keep your business moving forward. 

Exceeding customer expectations

Our reputation, founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and respect, is our most coveted asset. It drives everything we do fromemploying the finest professionals in transportation, finance, actuary, and customer service, to our dedication to developing the industry-leading products and services that continue to earn the trust and confidence of the drivers, dealers and communities in which we operate. 

  • Our dynamic team of seasoned veteransbring decades of experience in sales, customer service, transportation, logistics, and technology.
  • Regional Sales Repsconsult one-on-one with our dealer-partners throughout the U.S.& Canada,to gain valuable feedback for developing, delivering and enhancing the products and services required to grow your business. 
  • We employ the only multilingual, live call centerin the industry to serve the diverse needs of warranty holders.
  • Experienced Claims and Customer Service Representativesare available through our 24/7 live service center to facilitate outcomes and guide warranty holders through the claims process.
  • The industry’s first and only mobile application,theTrüAssist Warranty Appwas developed to provide a faster, easier way to get drivers and their equipment back to work and making money, featuring: 
    • Faster claims processing
    • Real-time claims tracking and updates
    • GPS-enabled location technology, and
    •  24/7 claims and user support.
  • Our TrüFlexfinancing optionand Invoice Factoring Programput your business growth and cash-flow needs first, with no credit check required.
  • Our pricing has never changed or increasedsince we began offering commercial warranty products and services, and is based on actuarial modeling, which makes TrüNorth the most competitive in the marketplace…even with dealer mark-ups.
  • We are proud to offer a personal onboardingexperience for each warranty holder. 

Providing outstanding program value 

Our long-standing commitment to offering outstanding program value has enabled us to craft TrüNorth into the leading provider of commercial asset protection and transportation-related warranty programs and services in the industry. Fromcompetitive warranty programs ranging from 90-days to 48 months, to the introduction of streamlined claims services, featuring real-time tracking from any mobile device, and 24/7 direct access to claims representatives and maintenance management support, we remain committed to being recognized as the driving force in our industry.  

Grow your business with the leader in commercial asset protection.

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Service Driven

  • 24/7/365 live claims service
  • Multilingual call center assistance
  • Experienced claims and warranty support associates
  • Secure individual online portals
  • Warranty transferability
  • No waiting period/day-one coverage
  • Easy access to repair and maintenance facilities
  • TrüFlex financing option
  • Invoice Factoring Program 

Technology Focused

  • TrüNorth Mobile App
  • GPS location tracking system
  • Automated dispatch notifications