File A Warranty Claim


Take or Tow vehicle to the nearest Licensed Repair Facility.

Customer must authorize Repair Facility to perform any diagnostics/tear down to the vehicle.

Once the diagnostic/tear down is complete, the Repair Facility must e-mail [] the following information:

1. Last 8 of VIN in e-mail subject line.

2. A Detailed Estimate including: detailed cause of failure, failed components and a detailed list of required parts and labor costs.

3. A recent time stamped ECM fault code report.

4. Pictures of failed component(s), if applicable.

5. Current Odometer and ECM Mileage.

6. Customer’s vehicle specific Maintenance records.


TrüNorth™ must authorize repairs before Repair Facility can begin work.

Once all paperwork is received, TrüNorth™ claims department will review all information and issue an approval or denial.

TrüNorth™ cannot make a decision until all paperwork is received and must be received within 5 days of claim start date.


TrüNorth™ CANNOT reimburse a customer for a claim payment.

Payments for covered claims MUST be paid by TrüNorth™ directly to the Repair Facility via Check, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card (Authorization form required).

Upon completion of repairs: Perform a road test, run a post repair ECM fault codes report and submit along with your parts/labor warranty information and final invoice for payment. This information must be received and all monies paid prior to release of the vehicle.

Please contact TrüNorth™ Claims Hotline: 1-800-903-7489, Ext. 820 with any questions.
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