TrüNorth Warranty™ App

Developing first-in-market technology solutions, including the industry’s only mobile app for iOS and Android Devices, is among the many ways we deliver on our commitment to provide our dealer partners and warranty customers with access to industry-leading product and service innovations.

The app pre-populates pertinent driver, repair facility and warranty-related information, which can speed claims processing by up to 30%. Warranty holders who experience a breakdown can use the app to begin claims processing by logging on with their last name and the last eight digits of their VIN number. 

Featuring contact information for claims reps and quick log in and start up capabilities, the app provides real-time claims tracking and updates. Users can view their warranty coverage, download a signed warranty contract, or quickly find the nearest approved repair shop thanks to our location-based technology.


The First of Its Kind

The TrüNorth Warranty™ Mobile App offers:

  • Real-time claims tracking and updates, including a quick-view of warranty coverages and claims history, and the ability to view or download signed warranty contracts
  • GPS-enabled technology pinpoints your location and locates the nearest, approved repair facility in seconds
  • 24/7 claims service and user support provides live access to multilingual call center assistance and experienced claims and warranty support associates

Maintenance Records Feature:

  • Creates a virtual logbook to store any and all maintenance records for your truck, even if it is not related to your warranty.
  • Allows for quicker claims processing and turnaround times by leveraging previously uploaded maintenance records as well as gives the ability for you to upload maintenance records directly from the claim page.
  • Provides quick way for you and your repair facilitiy to know if maintenance records have been validated and accepted for claims.

Download for Android or iOS

TruNorth Warranty App Android
TruNorth Warranty App iOS

TrüNorth Warranty™ Keeps You Moving Forward

Get the TrüNorth Warranty™ App for your Android or iOS device.  Simply go to the links above to download for free.


By inputting your last name and the last eight digits of your vehicle's VIN you can access your pre-populated account information.

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Manage Claims
Start a new claim or check the status of an existing claim directly from your TrüNorth Warranty™ App.

TruNorth Mobile App account

Your Coverage
You can view the details of your warranty coverage to make sure you have the protection you need.