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Rand McNally Releases Fourth Generation of IntelliRoute TND

Rand McNally has redesigned its IntelliRoute TND GPS devices for commercial truck drivers inside and out. The fourth-generation devices feature new hardware, a faster processor, two new graphical user interface options, and improved map appearance.
The IntelliRoute 7-inch TND 730 LM and the 5-inch TND 530 LM feature a new thinner, sleek hardware design that is still rugged enough to withstand the in-cab environment, according to the company. (The “LM” stands for Lifetime Map updates.)
Inside, faster processing speeds allow for quicker route calculation, point of interest searches, route comparisons, and faster screen-to-screen transitions.
Graphically, the units offer users two new interface design options – called “Ice” (with a white background) and “Carbon” (with a steel gray background). Users may also use the familiar “Classic” design interface from prior generations. The new proprietary, color-saturated icons in the design were created by Rand McNally to ensure features are easy to recognize with just a glance.
The onboard mapping has been upgraded to include improved text and road shields, and new coloration for certain reference points like shopping centers and parks. Additionally, the devices offer users the option of two new map color schemes for more driver personalization.
New navigation options allow the driver to further tailor routes to individual preferences:
Estimated Toll Road costs are now included for better informed trip planning. A driver may choose to incorporate toll costs in the Compare Routes feature.
More Advanced Lane Guidance instruction, combined with Enhanced Junction Views, shows the driver the best lanes in which to drive when approaching a turn or heading toward a complicated intersection.
Avoid Areas option allows drivers to avoid areas permanently – such as residential locations – or temporarily to accommodate closures of bridges or other roads; blocked areas can be drawn on screen, or selected by road segment.
Multi-Stop Trip Planning now provides detail for upcoming legs of the journey, color-coded for easy differentiation. There is also a “zoomable” summary map view of the full trip showing the various segments.
In addition, Rand McNally has added new features derived from its “Tell Rand” proprietary feedback loop from drivers. Those new items include:
A new voice, “Claudia,” now available for turn-by-turn directions.
Automatic adjustment of units of measure when crossing the U.S./Canada border (miles to kilometers, for example).
The ability to search the Address Book with a smart keyword search, making it easier to find entries.
A one-click selection for drivers to hide buttons on the display to provide a larger view of the map.
The devices include Lifetime Map updates, and are Wi-Fi connected, allowing for up-to-the moment information such as current fuel prices, weather and traffic. Finally, both devices are compatible with Rand McNally’s HD-100 device, which adds compliant E-Logs to the IntelliRoute TND units.
The new IntelliRoute TND 730 and 530 LM devices are available at travel centers nationwide as well as at select retailers and online locations.